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Research Fellowship program

Research Fellowship Program for International Researchers

Under the direction of Dr. Flavio F. Marsiglia, we solicit applications from international scholars for the center’s Research Fellowship Program. The program is specifically interested in candidates who are academic researchers, university faculty members, and pre- and post-doctoral students whose research focuses on the following topics: 

  • Substance abuse prevention, diabetes prevention, childhood obesity prevention, and health and mental health equity.
  • Research training that strengthens the capacity of the candidate and her/his institution to conduct intervention research in partnership with GCAHR in the fellow’s home country.

The partnerships with international research fellows are a key component of GCAHR’s success and sustainability, as they serve as a bridge between ASU and universities and communities in other countries to increase their capacity to apply science-based interventions to solve pressing health and social problems.

Since the program’s inception, GCAHR has welcomed fellows from many countries, including Mexico, Spain, Israel, Kenya, Pakistan, China, Kazakhstan and Switzerland. Fellows represent a variety of academic disciplines, such as social work, psychology, medicine and public health, which support interdisciplinary research at the center.  

While at ASU, fellows receive mentorship and training from experienced research faculty, while building their capacity in research methodology, implementation, and analyses. The capacity-building opportunities provided by the fellowship program enable fellows to return to their home countries withincreased capacity to conduct prevention science research. The ASU community, in turn, benefits greatly from hosting international research fellows. Fellows enrich the ASU community through lectures, participating in current research at GCAHR, and connecting with the center’s other international collaborators.  Fellows work alongside ASU faculty and staff in university research studies, immersing themselves in the center’s highly collaborative activities. The ongoing exchange of knowledge, ideas, and culture between fellows and the ASU community has resulted in the creation and expansion of sustainable international research partnerships.  We at ASU benefit tremendously from the international fellows’ visits as they open a window into worlds we know little about, discover many shared interest and needs and identify opportunities for collaboration. 

Covering the cost of travel, room and board, and everyday living expenses can be challenging for our fellows.  Donors play a critical role in providing us with the resources the fellows need to remain focused on their research training.  Your support will have a profound and far-reaching impact, leaving a legacy through not only our fellows but those impacted by their research around the world and here in Phoenix.  

Research Fellowship Program for ASU Graduate Students

The Global Development Research Scholars program is designed for new scholars who excel in their fields and provide them access to academic and practitioner networks in host countries and the U.S. 

Meet our Fellows

Should you be interested in supporting this program, or have additional questions or ideas to share with us, please contact us: Dr. Flavio F. Marsiglia, GCAHR Director, 602.496.3333, or Matt Ingram, Director of Development, 602.496.0407,


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