Research Projects

Chinese Youth Substance Use & Behavioral Health (CYS): A Feasibility Study, Adaptation, and Pilot Test of keepin' it REAL in China

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Target Population:
Adolescents, youth participants in China
Project Team:

PI: Flavio F. Marsiglia, PhD; Shiyou Wu, PhD;

Research Associates: Binyu Zhu, PhD; Yun Chen, PhD Student; Stephanie L. Ayers, PhD; Yuhong Zhu, PhD; Jie Wu; Jiawei Zhao; Guohe Jiang; Yang Wu, PhD; Lin Zhang

Project Status: Active

GCAHR is collaborating with academic partners at Tianjin Normal University, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Renmin University of China, and Northwest University for Nationalities on multiple projects that, together, will lead to the development and testing of a culturally adapted youth substance use prevention program for China.

Substance use behaviors, attitudes, and exposure

Project initiatives include a systematic review and meta-analysis of substance use prevalence and prevention interventions for youth in China. Another component is a needs assessment among adolescents in Beijing, Tianjin, Nanchang, and Lanzhou to assess youth norms, behaviors, and attitudes related to substance use, to inform the development of an effective and evidence-based prevention intervention for this age group. The project is culturally adapting the keepin' it REAL prevention program for Chinese youth in a Mandarin translation and plans to conduct a pilot test of the intervention.

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