NASW Lifetime Achievement Award


The National Association of Social Workers Foundation (NASWF) has awarded Dr. Flavio F. Marsiglia with the Knee/Wittman Lifetime Achievement Award.  The Knee/Wittman Award Program was established in 1990 to recognize those who represent the values, ethics, and approaches exemplified by two dedicated social work pioneers, Ruth Knee and Milton Wittman.  The Knee/Wittman Awards recognize individuals who are models of excellence and have made significant contributions in the field of health and mental health. The award recognizes a professional social worker who, over the course of his/her career, has made an exemplary contribution to health/mental health practice.  Dr. Marsiglia was recognized for his rigorous research that has had a global impact on health outcomes.  

"Dr. Marsiglia has made invaluable contributions to health, mental health and substance abuse research, education, policy and practice," said NASWF Director Robert Arnold. "And he has been truly exceptional in using his research to make life better for others." 

Dr. Marsilgia received the award at the NASW National Conference, A Night at the Awards ceremony held June 22, 2018 in Washington DC.

For more information about the NASW Foundation please visit: NASW Foundation