Marta Lima-Serrano

Associate Professor, Department of Nursing
University of Sevilla

Associate professor from the Department of Nursing at the University of Sevilla, Spain. PhD award from the University of Sevilla. Leader of the research group “Care Innovation and Social Health Determinants (PAIDI CTS 969), which collaborates Andalusian Observatory on Drugs and Addictions. President of the Association of Research in Prevention and Community Care (Asociación de Investigación en Prevención y Cuidados Comunitarios, Spain). Associate editor of Clinical Nursing journal (Enfermería Clinica). Leader of funded research projects in the area of cultural adaptation, design, implementation and evaluation of health promotion and prevention interventions, mainly in the area of substance use and abuse in adolescent population. Collaborator of the Maastricht University through co-supervision agreements with the University of Sevilla. For more information about her CV